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April, 01 2015
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1. How can ISM price my car without viewing it?
We do not price your car. We provide an overall market value obtained by research. Individual vehicles may be valued higher or lower, however having an official market benchmark will help you determine the actual price of your car.
2. How does ISM arrive at the vehicle prices it quotes?
ISM's price guides are derived from extensive research which encompasses obtaining details of prices through auction houses and motor dealers all around Malaysia, from vehicle manufacturers, from monitoring the classified advertising in every major publication in Malaysia and from actual field research. This vast volume of data is reviewed by ISM's expert pricing panel and adjustments made. Each month ISM changes around 30,000 prices in its database of over 50,000 vehicles.
3. How often is the information on the ISM site updated?
Daily for new models and changes to specifications. Pricing is updated monthly.
4. Do you have separate pricing for different regions?
ISM pricing pertains to vehicles sold in both East and West Malaysia. Vehicles sold in East Malaysia like Sabah and Sarawak or in Duty Free regions like Pulau Langkawi and W.P. Labuan may require further adjustments based on tax status and dealer pricing. As most vehicles and data are from West Malaysia, our pricing better reflect West Malaysia prices.
5. What does your "dealer trade" price mean?
The trade-in price quoted on this web-site is the price range you could reasonably expect to obtain from a professional vehicle dealer as a trade-in for your vehicle on another vehicle.
The actual trade in-value will be influenced by:
  • The condition of the vehicle being traded
  • Odometer reading
  • Number of like vehicles a dealer already has in stock
6. What does the "private sale" price mean?
The private sale price is an estimation of the price range you could expect to achieve (or pay) for a vehicle sold privately ( i.e not through a dealer). This will usually be less than a dealer's retail price because the dealer has had to bring the car up to marketable standard both mechanically and aesthetically and the dealer has to provide a warranty coverage after the sale. These things are not provided by the private sale.
7. What does "RRP" means?
RRP stands for Recommended Retail Price or price when new. RRP is the car's original price when it is sold as new.
8. How can I find potential cars I'm interested in, without knowing exactly what I'm after?
In the advanced search (press "search to look up vehicles by specific characteristics" from the used car values screen) you can specify various different parameters which may help you find the car you are after. You can search for cars of different sizes, prices etc.
9. What can I get from the report?
Below is the sample report.
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